Let us take a walk and dig into some history. Mead brewing traces its roots back through the centuries, throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Greeks wrote about mead and offered it to their gods. King Midas' tomb was uncovered in Turkey and residue found in drinking vessels was tested and determined to be mead. Researchers found that Romans, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Scandinavians, Assyrians, Incas and Aztecs all made mead for festivals and religious purposes. Ethiopians have been making their version of mead, called t'ej, since 500 B.C. Most archeologists agree that grape wine has been around for at least 10 millennia and that mead has been around even longer.

Mead was the drink of choice until the 18th Century when sugar became the preferred sweetener. The cost of sugar fell and became more affordable. As this happened, mead and other drinks made with honey fell out of favor. Thankfully, recipes have survived over the centuries and many people, like you, have an interest in revitalizing the creation of mead, thus causing a small resurgence in its popularity. As a result, the number of mead brewers has increased and even some commercial meaderies have been built in the United States. Let's keep the momentum going!