Jan 31: There's a new bike in town. Watch out Lance.

Jan 25: There's a new floor! It looks great. The cats still don't know what to make of it. Plenty of wind here, and after the cold front went through, it dropped 8 degrees.

Jan 24: Good to be home. Getting the hardwood floor materials today, installing on Sunday. Hope to post pictures!

Jan 22: Ed's in San Diego. Plenty of sunshine here. Check out this cool side service from a local bakery.

Jan 3: The Black Adder is here! Very funny. More office cleaning. Blah due to headache. But it was in the mid-20's (that's 70's for you 19th century types). What a great day!

Jan 2: Some of the presents arrived today, including the Black Mouse, SightFlex, and Airport Base Station. Now all we need are the Black Adder DVDs! Thank you all for a nice holiday this year.

La Vache in her new medieval-style chair.

Jan 1: Happy New Year! Lots of cleaning at the house. The Idlers were in the Parade of Roses, and on TV!

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