April 25: We had to file and fly IFR to get out of Texas. But once we left it behind the scenery was amazing. The route took us through Midland, TX, Las Cruces, NM, and into Phoenix, AZ.

When we got to Scottsdale, the Saturn "Ion" airship was waiting. Very cool.

Never too late for a departure picture. Here are the guys getting ready to leave on Friday

April 24: One of the helicopters broke down in the morning. So we spent the day at the FBO. They took us to Casey's BBQ.

April 23: Ed took the helicopters on a cross country and stopped in San Antonio, Texas. All the guys went to the Alamo.

April 16-18: Hit List was quiet but fun this year. Ed juggled and Michelle taught a class.

April 3-13: Mom & Dad Boullianne came to visit and helped us put in a closet. The final product will be getting paint in a few weeks, after all the pre-deployment craziness dies down.

Mom priming the trim on the new closet

Michelle learning the destruction tricks from Dad!

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