24 Sep 04: After working with the ship on Friday, they put us ashore by small boat from the station. Here's a view of the Seattle skyline from the water at sunset.

23 Sep 04: Here's a picture of the space needle. If you get lost, just look for the needle.

22 Sep 04: Our hotel is near the Seattle Center. This billboard had me wanting tickets so bad!

21 Sep 04: Headed to Seattle on a STAN visit. We went to the Apple Store near University of Washington.

18 Sep 04: Michelle and I are fine. We've had power since Thursday afternoon, and the phone is working. Today we started putting stuff back where it was before all this started.

16 Sep 04: Flew back from Texas. The weather was really clear until we got to the MS/AL line, then the haze started and the wind picked up. We were flying 176 knots ground speed at one point. That's fast for a helicopter. The house and neighborhood looked great, just lots of leaves all over the place. Here are a few pictures.

I flew over these Emergengy vehicles and wondered what was going on. They had a 20 ft aligator hanging out on the on-ramp to I-10. So of course I had to fly back over and take a picture. Notice the people are not too close to the gator - I was impressed they were that smart. Later, I flew back over them and they were dousing the gator with buckets of water... Thousands of people are without power, water, and food, and these guys are watering a gator.

Here's our neighborhood. Looks normal, thank goodness.

This in an "after" shot (see below for "before"shot). I've already started raking in the lower right. Plenty of work for this weekend!

15 Sep 04: Ed's in Galveston, TX with the fly away crews. Michelle is hunkering down with the neighbors and some of the Long Island wine, I'm sure. This is a picture of the surf in Texas, which is kicking up pretty well even this far west.

014 Sep 04: We boarded up the windows and cleared out the backyard of anything breakable. What a mess this storm is causing. The worst part is having to take off and leave everyone behind. I'm getting too old for this...

09 Sep 04: La Vache hangs out with her red feather. Another upside down kitty.

06 Sep 04: Jaques is such a fuzzy lump.

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