27 Oct 04: No, I did not shave my head because the Red Sox won the World Series. I just shaved my head. Actually I asked a good friend of mine to do the shaving. And Socks is spelled Socks, and the Series had nothing to do with the World. Capisce?

25 Oct 04: Avdet 161 has left for this year's Deep Freeze mission. We were there to see them off.

Ed's Deep Freeze site is still getting plenty of hits even 3 years later!

17 Oct 04: Working on class work like a fiend. We took yesterday off to paint scrolls and do an iChat to CT for our nephew's 1st birthday party. Andy and Will entertained us all with dog & cat noises, and the air band with blowup instruments. What a crazy family we have.

Check out The Humility Machine, a very cool piece of social experimentation!

15 Oct 04: Driving in traffic, a guy pulled up behind us playing some killer bass. His rig was pretty tight too. But after 20 minutes of this in stop-and-go, Michelle jumped out, ran back, and told him to turn it down. He did. She was more polite that he deserved!

13 Oct 04: On a personal war with the neighbor dogs. Boxed one up and dropped it at the pound. This dog from 2 houses up regularly roams around setting off the other dogs to a fit of barking. Here he is doing his business on another neighbor's mailbox and lawn. Stupid puntable dog. He's getting boxed up next.

puntable dog

03 Oct 04: Some guy drove this beetle all the way to Alaska from Florida. Looking again, could it have come from anywhere else? Ok, maybe California.

02 Oct 04: Headed to Kodiak, AK to work with one of the ships. 8 planes in 3 days. What a trip.

Here's Mt. Rainier on the approach to SEATAC airport, enroute Alaska.

01 Oct 04: This guy had Animal from the Muppets painted on his tailgate. Very cool, eh Andy?

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