30 Nov 04: Ed went to Albany, GA for lunch. The FBO was nice and B. B. Blackbeard's restaurant has excellent fried pickle chips. On the way back to fly home, he went by the Bush HQ. Looked pretty empty.

25 Nov 04: Lisa & Bryan had us over for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the amazing food (as always) and good company.

18-19 Nov 04: Michelle was working the international fest downtown. There are always plenty of amazing and interesting displays.

06 Nov 04: Underway to get the mission done (finally). This is a recessed drawer pull. It was on a cabinet in the pilothouse. Two of the screws were lost to the ravages of the sea.

04 Nov 04: We couldn't get underway today, so we went to visit the Navy's HCO school. They have an amazing tower simulator and an amazingly cheezy fake helo for the flight deck simulator. But at least they had something!

03 Nov 04: We're doing training on the flight deck of one of the ships as the helicopter crew gives us a flyby.

02 Nov 04: Working in Portsmouth, VA. This is a Coast Guard area, that's for sure. All kinds of CG units cruising around.

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