29 Dec 04: Flying home, Al Sharpton sneered at Michelle in the Crown Room. Ah, another brush with "fame" gone terribly wrong. No wonder he's not president.

25 Dec 04: Here we are in front of Michelle's parent's tree. They always have a great tree. Ed had eaten one of the candy canes last year, not realizing that they had been decorations for over 10 years. So for 2004 the Boulliannes got all new candy canes, just in case. Here are more pictures!

24 Dec 04: Andy decided to do the cutting of a maple tree that was near the new garage. We tied it off to another tree and good thing - the tree fell opposite to gravity, the wind, the cut, everything. The rope kept it out of the yard at least. And mostly off the Garage. In this pic he shows his true feelings for the tree...

21 Dec 04: Headed to the Northeast yet again! This is a picture from the B-concourse Crown Room in Atlanta. Across the way is the A concourse and one of Ed's favorite aircraft, the Boeing 737-200 - "a beachball with wings and a tail!"

19 Dec 04: Duty today. Also working on the final draft of the GRP proposal. I can't wait until tomorrow and all this is done. We're travelling on Tuesday, which will be SOOO NICE!

16 Dec 04: This was a Two Reuben Day™. Turkey reuben for lunch at "Taste Unlimited" and a regular reuben at the Irish pub "Mo & O'Malley's" afterwards. Live music provided by Kevin Tully. We met the aircrew at Hooters, then went over to the Gator Piano Bar. One of the players did a Metallica song on the piano. That was a first, but it actually wasn't that bad! The last I saw of the aircrew they were carting Rob off in the direction of a "Santa's Little Helper" contest...

15 Dec 04: Clear but cold and windy. The helo arrived right an time with Hans aboard. Then we got to the ship and one of the struts failed. So much for doing the operation. So we went back and ate dinner at Havana, which is a great restaurant on Granby Street right up the block from the hotel. The Marriott Waterside is a great location that's right near two malls, museums, book shops, cigar shops, and plenty of restaurants.

14 Dec 04: We went to the Brauhaus on Main Street in Portsmouth. Since we were there in uniform for lunch, we didn't have any Brau, so that'll have to wait until the next trip. All told we never went back to the same place twice. Below is a picture of the salt and pepper holder on the table. I liked the way the holder and the handle were all part of the same piece of wire. It goes with my affinity for the Just Noticeable Difference. It makes *all* the difference.

12 Dec 04: Went back to Portsmouth for another ship visit. Notice a trend? We always seem to get squeezed at the end of the year. Here's a picture of our hotel on a Sunday night. I was on the 18th floor. Notice that there's only one light on way up there. Wonder who *that* is... Oops.

05 Dec 04: I've figured out the link maker. Here's a link to some of my "most played" songs icon. The store didn't link to everything.

02 Dec 04: Went to the ship today, needed to get landings. The ship was doing their last day of STAN. In this picture they're fueling the helicopter before the night operations.

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