26 Jan 2005: Ed & Frank drove down Route 101 to Tillamook. Ed had been here in 1994 looking for Kevin Blackington, so this time he came in from the other direction. We stopped at the Tillamook Air Museum and Tillamook Cheese Factory. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

The hangar is constructed with wood. The structure is amazing and it's truly one of a kind. The second one burned down years ago.

The museum has dozens of aircraft, most in flying condition. Here's a Stearman.

25 Jan 2005: Here's the ship that was getting their STAN inspection. While we were in Astoria we ate at The Pig 'n Pancake every morning.

24 Jan 2005: Ed was off to another STAN visit, this time to Astoria, Oregon.

16 Jan 2005: Had a nice visit with Curly & George Perzel who were in Birmingham for a competition. They stopped here overnight, then went on to Tallahassee. We went to Copelands and ended up getting two of the dinners for free because they kept running out of stuff. George's food came out cold because they were trying to find some french fries. What a bummer, from one of our favorite restaurants. Ed finally got to give Curly her Christmas ornament from Antarctica.

Curly & George at the Coast Guard Base

15 Jan 2005: We attended the Mardi Gras Ball for the Order of Osiris in Mobile's Convention Center. (Here's a history of Mardi Gras in Mobile.) There were 6 people staying at our house. What a great time! We had eggs & bacon for breakfast. All the ladies went to the spa and salon while the guys put in more flooring in the garage attic. We had pizza and gumbo for dinner, and good thing, because the buffet was picked clean by the time we got over there! The ball was fun and the costumes were amazing. Here's the online album.

Michelle getting ready for a hairstyle session

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