25 Feb 05: On Friday we had a muffin and coffee at a roadside cafe, then headed back to the dealership. They treated us very well and we drove home with a new car! It's bronze with a black interior, very nicely put together machine. Ed wishes the helicopters were built this way! All the doors go "phoomp", even the trunk goes "phoomp". The three criteria were cruise control, rear seat leg room, and a big trunk. It also helps that Consumer Reports recommended it for safety and reliability.

Michelle driving in her new Maxima

24 Feb 05: We decided to head over to the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. The truck had always been a headache and we wanted to replace it with a car, something big enough for guests and groceries. Ed surprised Michelle with reservations at the Marriott Grand Point Clear Resort.

After dinner at Dante's Italian Restaurant (nice, authentic, best we've found yet), we stopped at the dealer and started looking around. When they found out we were staying on that side of the bay, they let us take a car overnight. Michelle had been doing the research and had settled on the Nissan Maxima. We were not disappointed; it was a really great car to drive.

The Marriott Grand is very nice, in a great isolated location with plenty of on-site ammenities. We were there on a Thursday but they still had two live musicians, one in the dining room and one in the bar. We had dessert in the main dining room, key lime pie and pecan pie. They even gave us a corner room with a balcony, though it was right across the hall from the ice machine. What can you expect for the Government Rate? We plan to go back eventually, probably before we move.

We had the resort all to ourselves. Well, it is February...

21 Feb 2005: We went to Daphne & Spanish Fort to check out the new malls. Of course we went into the kitchen shops and saw this cool appetiser & wine glass tray.

12 Feb 2005: Weekend project while Michelle was in Charlotte was this wood shed. Now the wood can stay nice and dry.

08 Feb 2005: Mardi Gras is here. La Vache is getting into the spirit of Carnival. Painting, wood, and organizational projects around here today. Went through a year's worth of email, that's something right there.

07 Feb 2005: Let the Good Times Roll! Mardi Gras is in full swing around here. Need your computer screen cleaned? Here's something to help from Aunt Carol.

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