25 Mar 05: Old houses were on the schedule for today. The first was the Bragg Mitchell Mansion, billed as Mobile's Grandest Antebellum Mansion. There were some nice pieces of furniture and architecture, but the highlight was the tour guide who had many interesting stories. The second house closed soon after we got there, so we only got to walk around the outside of the Richards - DAR house Museum. At the end of the day we went to Ed's Seafood Shed, but there was nothing special if your name was Ed. We got buzzed by a yellow Stearman while we were eating our gumbo and seafood.

24 Mar 05: We went to Bellingrath Gardens, and got an annual membership. The azaleas are in full bloom, and everything looked great!

Some of the many azaleas

The Japanese Garden is one of Ed's favorites

21 Mar 05: Michelle and parents visited the Mobile Museum of Art, then the Botanical Gardens in Langan Park.

19 Mar 05: Mom & Dad Boullianne came to visit during the week before Easter.

16 Mar 05: The class went well. On the way back to the airport, Ed just had to get a picture of Frog Rock. Good thing the plane was running late, but getting a picture would have been worth missing it. This frog is very cool.

14 Mar 05: Ed had to travel to New England to deliver a class. You know it's the Northeast when the Dunkin Donuts is in the airport terminal. Ed and his Dad went to the Bidwell Tavern.

11 Mar 05: We spent the day building support materials for the new French Bell Wedge tent from Tentsmiths. It is free standing, supported by the poles and canvas through the stakes - no guy wires to trip over! The tent is very roomy and looks great. Tomorrow we paint!

05 Mar 05: Finally got around to taking pictures of the car. Enjoy!

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