26 June 2005: Michelle's Dad drove us to the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry (her Mom was doing the high school graduation for Bethpage). Then Ed's Dad picked us up. We saw the "Beale ancestral home" on Bunnell Street in Bridgeport. Then we visited the State Armory in Hartford. Of course we had to get some Dunkin Donuts munchkins and coffee.

Tugboat at the ferry dock in Port Jefferson, NY

25 June 2005: We found out that Ed's Grandfather had passed away, so we redirected our plane tickets to JFK and Michelle's parents picked us up to spend the night.

24 June 2005: We extended our plane tickets through the weekend so we could do some more stuff and explore the Bay Area. Friday we drove to Santa Clara Apple Store. Amazingly, Ed bought an iPod mini, in silver. Then we went to Los Gatos to visit Anne and Ed's cousins Alex and Andy. They really enjoyed stuffing redwood pinecones down the back of Ed's shirt and learning to juggle.

23 June 2005: The helo broke their tail stinger and the mission was extended to Thursday. Since we had the morning off, Michelle and I went to Burlingame to visit the Apple Store (didn't buy anything), and had lunch at Alana's Cafe. Here's a link to some pictures from the trip so far.

21 June 2005: Tuesday we went to a few shops in downtown and Chinatown, then dinner at Plouf. Monkeys are everywhere is Chinatown.

20 June 2005: First day of work with the CGC Boutwell went well. After work we drove to San Mateo to visit Michael, Christal, and their new daughter Amelia. They cooked us a really tasty dinner and we sat around talking about the past, present, and future.

19 June 2005: Sunday we went to Fisherman's Warf. Ghirardelli Square was full of people on a pleasant sunny Sunday. We got our free samples and sundaes at their store complex. Then we visited the Apple Store on Market Street (didn't buy anything).

18 June 2005: We're in San Francisco! (hotel link). We met up with Michelle's cousin Steven for a walk around Chinatown and dinner in the North Beach's Trattoria Pinocchio.

12 June 2005: Well the hurricane didn't really affect us all that badly. Just a lot of rain. The Caladiums came through OK.

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