29 Jul 05: We booked our travel on Southwest to Hartford for the reception on the 7th. After checking out the SW web site, the issue to Set Love Free made for an interesting read. I hope they can get it done, that Wright amendment is just goofy.

27 Jul 05: Ed went to visit his favorite shipyard. There were piles of blast media and welding slag. Some of the work was amazing to behold.

26 Jul 05: The podcast phenomenon is really a lot of fun. One of Ed's favorites is This Week in Science, which has a funky theme song "Scientist icon" by The Dandy Warhols icon.

Here's an interesting chart of last month's searches that led to rezonate.com:

Top 30 of 1233 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 57 2.87% pregnancy photos
2 45 2.26% penguin movie
3 40 2.01% the gilded pearl
4 37 1.86% what's on my treo 600
5 28 1.41% 17th century clothing
6 28 1.41% hennin
7 28 1.41% what's on my treo
8 18 0.90% treo 600 hack
9 17 0.85% big tires
10 14 0.70% treo helper
11 13 0.65% treo allegro
12 11 0.55% trucks with big tires
13 10 0.50% gothic period
14 10 0.50% sandman treo
15 9 0.45% 16th century clothing
16 9 0.45% penguins
17 9 0.45% smocking instructions
18 9 0.45% treo 600 tips helps
19 9 0.45% whats on my treo
20 8 0.40% ancient shoes
21 8 0.40% gilded pearl
22 8 0.40% gothic period jewelry
23 8 0.40% http://www.rezonate.com/walkabout/whatsonmytreo600.html
24 8 0.40% treo 600 headphone hack
25 7 0.35% thrones
26 7 0.35% treo 600 free downloads
27 7 0.35% treo apps
28 6 0.30% 5th month of pregnancy
29 6 0.30% 5th month pregnancy
30 6 0.30% free treo 600 games

19 Jul 05: Drum Corps International presented the 7th annual Blast on the Beach, hosted by Pascagoula. Ed went and had a great time. The Windjammers hat got some recognition!

18 Jul 05: Thankfully, Emily stayed well to the south. Ed's co-worker Rob took command of the CGC Barbara Mabrity in a small ceremony on Monday.

12 Jul 05: First day back and they put Ed on duty. Thankfully the ready response requirement went away by the end of the work day. Now we have to get ready for Hurricane Emily...

11 Jul 05: Finally on the way home. The flight got delayed in the unbelievably noisy Jet Blue's Terminal 6. Finally we were headed back to New Orleans. Michelle got to try out her new headphones and talk with a nice woman who was moving with her husband and cat "for a change of pace". If you ever need a break from the biggest city on the coast, pop over to Mobile where EVERYTHING is slow.

10 Jul 05: Dennis ruined the plan to return today, and decided to make landfall around Fort Walton Beach instead of Mobile. Yippee! We went to see Batman Begins, then had Chinese for dinner.

09 Jul 05: Birthday party day. WOW, was there a lot of food! We always seem to eat our way through the New York vacations! Ribs, sausage, scallops in bacon, hot wings, salads, dips, and brithday cake, to name a few. Even Jaba was impressed at the spread. The rain held down to about 10 minutes of sprinkles. A very nice, relaxing day of catching up.

08 Jul 05: Went shopping for Peter & Laurie's birthday present at Roosevelt Field Mall. While we were there, of course we had to visit The Apple Store. Ed got a new case for his new iPod which is being used to explore the Top 100 Podcasts icon. The remnants of tropical storm Cindy were raining down upon us, while we fretted about Hurricane Dennis.

07 Jul 05: Ed flew to New York to join Michelle and the family for some rest and relaxation. And no first evening in town would be complete without a trip to Pappardelle's Pizzaria.

04 Jul 05: Fireworks today!

03 Jul 05: Michelle went to Freeport to do some sightseeing with her family.

02 Jul 05: The brithday party was aboard a paddle boat on Long Island Sound. Everyone had a great time, and it ended up being a real surprise - no one slipped with the secret!

01 Jul 05: Michelle flew to New York (on Jet Blue, of course) as a surprise for her Aunt's 50th Birthday.

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