19 Aug 05: Today they cleared out the entire hangar to test the emergency foam system. As the people standing under the scissor lift were to discover, the system operation was very clean. After the first blast they missed the rest of the show... When it was all said and done there was about half a meter of foam draining off into the catch basins.

18 Aug 05: Michelle was supposed to fly from MOB to Naples via Atlanta. But Delta called in the morning saying the flight was cancelled, and she got rebooked out of Gulfport. Well, we didn't expect to do all that driving.

12 Aug 05: Thank goodness the scholarship season is over.

07 Aug 05: Wedding reception for Terry & Kurt in Lebanon, CT. We have a silly family.

Here are William, Andrew, and Edward with their Grandmother.

Dad Beale in his element. When will you get your own pool?!?

05 Aug 05: Drove to New Orleans and flew to Hartford.

04 Aug 05: Michelle is one step closer to having the scholarship project complete with tonight's first award ceremony.

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