21 Sep 05: Michelle brought Ed along an a trip to Gulfport. The USO was having a show with Neal McCoy and Wayne Newton. We worked the canteen truck, then went "backstage" to get a photo with the performers. The dolphins that had been rescued from the Gulf were living in a temporary tank in a warehouse. We went to see them too.

17 Sep 05: Saturday saw Michelle again on the road with the USO. This time they got to tour the damaged aquarium.

15 Sep 05: Michelle has been volunteering with the USO in the storm-ravaged areas of Mississippi. They go over with an armed escort because there is no real law enforcement presence and their convoy has all kinds of goodies that the bad guys might want. Here's a link to some pictures of her travels.

06 Sep 05: Here is the Woodland Plantation after the storm. Looks like the main house came through missing just a few pieces, but the church/restaurant/bar needs some roof and siding work. Where's Foster?

The levee crews are already hard at work. This was on the canal which parallels the Mississippi, south of New Orleans.

04 Sep 05: Michelle went over to help some friends take care of the damage to their apartment. It's never fun to see your house with the roof fallen in on your couch.

03 Sep 05: Ed: "I've been flying since the storm was over. Here is a picture of the Air Station New Orleans sign. Note that their total for all the years of operation was tripled in four days of Katrina operations. Mobile aircraft have recovered over 10,000 people. I have personally saved over 2 dozen. Some of our crews have saved over 100 people on a single mission day."

This greyhound was recovered by one of the crews. She was hanging around the rescue swimmer tables. They named her Katrina.

01 Sep 05: The Presidential advance team was here today. They had an interesting black truck with all kinds of non-standard antennas on it. Some looked like UHF/SHF omnis, and there was a big black domed one that was probably for satellite. The white-hat H60 is always fun to see flying around.

Our house made it through the storm with only a few shingles missing and part of the fence blown onto a neighbor's car.

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