31 Dec 2005: Thank goodness this year is almost over! We both had headaches today, so we stayed in and took it easy. The clouds started in and it started to get warm warm warm. Ed went shopping for makings of a waffle and Michelle picked up Simon from the vet (where he was getting "fixed"). Tacos for lunner, then we went to see Aeon Flux at the movies (based on the MTV cartoon, with soundtrack available). Then home to watch the NYC ball drop and to bed by 2330. Being in the central time zone has some advantages.

29 Dec 2005: A full day at the office for Ed. Bought a ladder and some motion detectors to start fixing up the house. Also worked on stuff for Grad School applications. Michelle has been boxing up gifts and taking care of the cats across town. Ed enjoys helping with that, because he gets to chase the neighbor cat around the back yard.

26 Dec 2005: The new shingles came today! Thank goodness - we'll soon have a new roof and can start the renovation projects in earnest.

25 Dec 2005: Thank you everyone for the thoughful gifts and cards this year. Michelle gave Ed a waffle maker! Ed gave Michelle a parafin hand bath. We plan to get our stuff sent out this week. Yes we know. We claim "hurricane" on this one. Had a very nice evening with Lisa & Brian Blair (their household web site). The food was exceptional as always.

24 Dec 2005: Getting ready for Santa Claus. Michelle is cat sitting for some friends. The neighbors rented a lift to cut down some branches that Katrina cracked. A cold front is moving through which is giving us bad headaches. We had a wicked lightning storm that fried the neighbor's house - but we seem to be OK. The Christmas Tree is up, decorated, and ready for that Jolly Elf to appear. Here are some pictures.

23 Dec 2005: The traffic was really bad around town today. The Coast Guard exchange finally got more (Christmas Presents) in, so we bought up a bunch to send to family & friends. We ate "lunch" at Panera Bread Cafe (it was after 3pm, otherwise you can't get a seat), then went home.

22 Dec 2005: Day off, working on house projects & cleaning. Went for sushi but the restaurant was closed. So we got pizza at Doughboy, then went to the Bellingrath Gardens' Christmas in Lights. Lots of people there because the kids are out of school tomorrow.

21 Dec 2005: First day of winter. Went for a sim flight with Michelle. They started us out at 4000 feet and zero airspeed. Michelle made a valiant effort to get the sim up to speed. So then they started us at 5000 feet, and things went very well.

19 Dec 2005: Ed was flying a training flight and got diverted for SAR. A crewmember working on a barge got "hit by a bucket and was bleeding". After arriving on scene, it turned out the crewmember was hit by the bucket of a 10 ton backhoe, had a compound break in his lower left leg, and was bleeding profusely. We hoisted and delivered him to a Trauma Unit in Mobile.

18 Dec 2005: Called Ed's parents for their anniversary. Received another box from New York - might be Santa's helpers getting a jump on things. The Prez was on, and Simon seems to like how he waves his hands. A true Republican cat.

17 Dec 2005: Kathi and the CO had their party today. Following standard procedure, Michelle & Ed went over early to help prep & clean. When will we ever learn? I guess we like that sort of thing.

15 Dec 2005: The sim flies very nicely.

14 Dec 2005: Ed started his proficiency course. Back in the books! Also working on packages for the three instructors who will write Ed recommendations for Grad school. Sold 3 books through Amazon!

12 Dec 2005: We brought in one of the cats which had been abandoned by the Christian Missionaries up the street. He's an orange fluff ball, so of course we named him Simon.

11 Dec 2005: The trip back from St. Louis was very smooth. It was good to see everyone again and catch up on old memories. The Christmas tree is up!

10 Dec 2005: Ed went to Pere Marquette state park in Illinois to videotape John & Necia's wedding. While there, he teamed with Bill Parry for some standard hijinks. Michelle visited with Mary from the Hampton Roads USO, then went to a holiday party hosted by some local friends.

A cliff painting along the Mississippi enroute Pere Marquette

09 Dec 2005: Working on the DVD for John & Bill, plus a couple of extras. Went shopping at Lowes and bought a Christmas tree. It'll stay in the garage until we have some spare time...

04 Dec 2005: Hate to say it, but we crashed all day today. Most of the cleanup had been done the night before.

03 Dec 2005: Today was our shop party for the Ship-Helo Branch. Most everyone showed up and the current instructors received the gift of a Red Swingline Stapler. You know you want one.

01 Dec 2005: Decorating the house with lights.

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