31 Jan: Finally got started on awards. Home for lunch where Michelle and Brian were all over the stairwell, small bathroom, and upstairs landing. Michelle had a spouse's club meeting & dinner to attend. Ed made hotdogs on the cast iron pan - better than a George Foreman!

30 Jan: Somebody has a case of the Mondays. The new computers are ordered! Drafted to work on Katrina Awards, Ed did other "more important" paperwork instead, not of his choosing. The Katrina commemorative coins are in! Brian had a headache, so Michelle worked on invitations. Later, the fixed pressure washer finished the front porch and walkway. Ed sent some electronic files to the current Idlers at the Academy. Good to be back in the loop with them.

29 Jan: Sunday at home for once, what a treat. Made waffles. Michelle had a luncheon at the Bragg-Mitchell mansion, which was an "interesting"experience. Ed stayed up late working on a project for work that ended up being immaterial. Grrr.

28 Jan: For some reason the pressure washer is now leaking. The washer needs a washer, it seems. Ed put weatherseal on the wooden deck out back. Brian did the hallway & breakfast nook (final coat). Michelle made burgers with mushrooms & onions for lunch.

27 Jan: Rented a pressure washer and cleaned off the driveway. What a difference. Michelle and Brian went shopping for paint, Brian then painted the entire living room and primed the breakfast nook. All the furniture is pulled out and the cats don't know what to think.

25 Jan: Brian stopped by today to bid on the interior paint project. Dinner at Banzai - always a treat!

24 Jan: Michelle's Dad left today. Finished spray painting the back door - another 2 year old project finally done. Picked up Heather's channel back chair, then dinner at the Mediterranean Cafe with Bill, Benjie, and Soraya.

This wooden airplane is in the waiting area of Mobile Regional Airport. I'll bet Andy could whip one right out. Or William. Or Dad.

23 Jan: Moved exterior lights from the front to the back of the house. Replaced the front ones with a couple that are easier to maintain and just plain look better. Dinner at Zea to celebrate a solid week's work on the house (and the double cooked crispy duck was again exceptional). Thanks Dad!

22 Jan: As luch would have it, a snowstorm popped up and the ship couldn't stick around until Tuesday. So a quick call to Delta had Ed winging home to see his Dad. Except his Dad didn't make it because of snowstorm-induced delays getting out of Hartford. Such is life for us global travelers, eh?

21 Jan: Travel to Boston for Ed. Nothing but excitement when you really need to stay home for a change. William & Caleb drove up for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Having dinner in Boston

14 Jan: Day 2 went smoothly. Tonight we stayed in to watch football and ate at the hotel restaurant.

13 Jan: First day with the ship went well. After work, we went to the Apple store and had dinner at Uno Chicago pizza.

Having dinner at the bar

12 Jan: On the way to San Diego, fog delayed the departure out of Mobile. Am confirmed on the 1559 in a window seat. First trip without a laptop in a while (sorry Michelle).

10 Jan 2006: The roof is almost done! Rain later in the day stopped the process. Rob made us dinner, a nice Indian dish. Dots, Frank, not feathers. Oh and how could I forget, Apple announced new stuff today. The iMac is the same but 2-3x faster and the PowerBook is now the MacBook Pro which is 4-5x faster. Amazing what changes in just one day.

09 Jan 2006: Rob Perzel arrived from a rock climbing excursion in northern AL. He's headed to another competition in GA this weekend. We went to the Jerico Cafe for some middle-eastern fare.

08 Jan 2006: Headaches mostly gone. Went to the Mediterranean Cafe (also listed here with other favorites) but they were closed. So we went to Zea Rotisserie for lunch, then to Office Max to look at paper and a new printer to replace 2 old printers and a scanner.

07 Jan 2006: More ship machinations today. Throughout, a bad headache reigned. Second day in a row in the Captain's office - not a good place to be unless you're the Captain. Thought every thing was done and went to bed with the cell phone off - plus the celly has a bad screen and the replacement has not been configured yet, making it a little hard to get or make calls. Little did I know other people had other plans - there were 8 messages before 8 PM. Michelle ordered some down booties because it got down to 0˚C tonight.

06 Jan 2006: One of the ships was having problems with a piece of gear, and the aftermath consumed most of Ed's day. The roofers had to attend a funeral for a relative, so even though it was a perfect cool and clear day - no hammering. Back at it tomorrow.

05 Jan 2006: Ed had a safety stand-up today, that went longer than expected. The guest speaker was the airline Captain who had flown the United DC-10 into Sioux City with only the engines to control heading and altitude. The roofers kept on about their business, and the back section is mostly done. LaVache and Simon are getting used to each other after Simon spent the overnight at the vet last week. Here they are playing with the feather toy on a string.

04 Jan 2006: The roofers started on the back of the house today. They do everything by hand and use real scaffolding. This is nice because we witnessed the neighbor's house being re-roofed, and the workers kept yelling "WHOA!" as they struggled not to fall off. Our roofers even account for every nail.

03 Jan 2006: Almost time to take down the lights. Here's a picture of the front of the house. Yes, we have a blue tarp, but only a small one. Most of the shingles stayed on, but the ones that came off went down to bare wood.

02 Jan 2006: It's really hot and the thunder storms are booming. Had to turn on the air conditioning to dry out the house.

01 Jan 2006: Happy New Year!

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