28 Feb: We saw another doctor yesterday. He agreed that the medication would be a lifelong process. We were really bummed out. Today was Mardi Gras and we kept getting back up to speed on various things. Brian was painting the outside of the house, Ed was puttering in the wood shop, Michelle and Lisa were organizing stuff, and answering phone calls and emails. Ed also updated the FIFI site. Brain Tumors suck.

24 Feb: We saw the doctor today. The say Fifi will be hanging around for a while but the expect to treat it with medication and some localized radiation, perhaps next week. Tonight we had Zea Rotisserie (but take out, that place is a ZOO on Friday night!) Very yummy way to end the week.

19 Feb: Finally home! Michelle was 100% better this morning, and saw no reason to stick around a noisy hospital. We bundled her up in the car and headed for the hills. She's been relaxing in the reclining chair and Ed has been catching up on sleep. Better than the floor, but those hospital cots are not comfy.

18 Feb: Michelle was doing much better today, with less pain and better focussing on near objects. They had her do some writing and her penmanship is still perfect. See the website linked below for a picture of her with Opus!

17 Feb: Michelle was moved to a private room, and Ed got to spend the night on a hospital cot. Michelle was finally able to get a little sleep.

16 Feb: At the hospital early for the surgery. Michelle came through like a champ. Check out the special web site for pictures and commentary.

15 Feb: Consultation with another doctor. He's the brain tumor specialist. He expects Michelle to do really well, with no loss of speach and a month MAX of rehab. Watched LOST and did laundry.

14 Feb: Consultation with one of the Neurosurgeons. He showed us the pictures of "Fifi". Michelle says there is only room in her head for one of them, and Fifi is toast. Lisa and Rona made us dinner and we had a really nice night relaxing and telling funny stories.

13 Feb: Michelle's parents and Brother made it into town. We relax at home and order pizza from Doughboy. Yummy.

12 Feb: Michelle is pain-free for the first time in months. Ed, on the other hand, has a really bad headache.

11 Feb: Prepping for the Order of Osiris Mardi Gras Ball, trying not to think of the coming week. Michelle starts on medication to help shrink the tumor.

10 Feb: MRI located a tumor in Michelle's head. We were not happy at all.

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