26 April 2006: Ed got his original flight boots from Tim Fortney while stationed at Brooklyn in 1996. The boots went everywhere he went while on flight orders, dozens of ships, and every minute of flight time spanning 10 years and over 2200 hours. On his last day of aviation duty, Tim Fortney (now stationed at Mobile) swapped the originals for new ones. "The boots are dead, long live the boots."

Old & New Boots

8 April 2006: Michelle was the honoree for the local spouse's club team in the Relay for Life, to benefit the American Cancer Society. In normal fashion, Michelle worked the entire event. Thanks to all the friends and family who pledged our team, we raised over $1000, and the event itself raised over $31,000. That'll make a dent!

Relay for Life sign
Michelle signs the sign. They'll be building a wall with these signs in Washington DC.

1 April 2006: Ed completed his last STAN trip, and last landing as an LSO. The trip started with a lecture for half the cutter fleet operations staff, then a cleanup STAN evaluation for Hamiltan followed by a full 3 day eval of Morgenthau. To end it all, the San Diego Air Station lecture was due. He also entertained his parents and signed a lease on a new apartment. Talk about 9 solid days!

Last Landing


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