18 May 2006: A view from our balcony of the 100 lap pool.

100 Lap Pool

12 May 2006: Simon is enjoying the maze of boxes. We're trying to erase the maze as fast as possible.

Simon & Boxes

8 May 2006: Our household goods arrived, but the truck was too big and the movers were ticketed for double parking. So they rented a smaller truck, transfered our stuff, and were ticketed again. But our stuff is in the apartment.

Moving Truck

4 May 2006: Here we are at the ostritch farm. Not responsible for accidents is right - those things are bloodthirsty.


After all the excitement with the big birds, we made it to Phoenix and visited with Michelle's cousin Diane & Kevin Jr. You'd never guess these two were related.

Michelle with Diane

3 May 2006: Michelle & her Dad made the drive from San Antonio to Las Cruces, about 12 hours on the road. It was a long day but everything worked out fine and we got in early enough for dinner and a good night's sleep.


2 May 2006: The cats don't really mind the car ride, they just curl up and sleep. Here is a picture of Dad Boullianne and LaVache in Texas. We're spending WAY too much time in Texas.

Dad with Cat


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