November 30, 2006: Michelle left on the JetBlue redeye flight for JFK, to connect with a new Embraer ERJ-190 to CLT. After seeing her off at security, Ed went to the USO between the terminals. On the way over there, he spied a bit of holiday cheer. Looks like Santa's helpers come in the form af TSA workers.

Gingerbread Xray

November 28, 2006: Grocery shopping today. Mailed a DVD to Bill Parry. Boar's Head wraps for lunch, then Michelle went to see her doctors. They're getting prepped for the procedure in January. They complimented Michelle on her positive attitude, stating "the other patients are no fun to be around".


Ed went to the Apple Store at Fashion Valley Mall. They don't have student software at the Apple Store. The guy said "try the SDSU bookstore". Well, no kidding Sherlock. (Of course Ed shoulda thunk of that first... Lesson learned.)

November 25, 2006: Michelle made chocolate chip and pecan cookies. Mmmm.

November 23, 2006: Thanksgiving! We went to see Michelle's family in Huntington Beach. They had a very nice batch of people and some excellent food. Yummy.

November 14, 2006: Lots of presentations this week. So Ed got a presentation remote. Michelle picked it out, actually - the winning feature: a countdown timer with vibrate at 5 and 2 minutes to go. Cool.

November 11, 2006: Found a blog entry by Lary Bloom about The Muffin Man saga. Happy Veteran's Day, Lary.

November 9, 2006: We went to Fry's Electronics, which is always a treat for electronics geeks. Leaving the store we saw this sign for the EscApeClan. Not sure what they're trying to do with their site, but making such a sign is cool. Very silly.


November 4, 2006: Blue Man Group was playing their How to be a Megastar 2.0 concert at the Cox Arena here in San Diego. The show was really entertaining. Lots of lights and silly sounds. The highlight for Ed was the cover of Pink Floyd's One Of These Days (iTunes Link for a listen).

Blue Man

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