August 27, 2007: Yippee, finally at the CGA! Here Michelle has discovered a re-done Katrina shirt (very generic). There's nothing like the original!

New Katrina Shirts

August 19th, 2007: We had traveled to Portsmouth to see Heather in the hospital, and then visit with "the Maine Beales". Here's Avery with some corn and a devious look...

Avery with Corn!

August 17, 2007: New baby! Addison with proud grandparents.

Addison with Grandparents

August 17, 2007: We visited with Grandma and her new cats, Simon and Butterscotch. Here she is with Simon XXI (or thereabouts).

Grandma with Simon the cat

August 15, 2007: Ed went with his dad to inspect a job site at the Battery in New York City. The contractor's barge had sunk overnight, so they'd brought in this monster crane to catch up on the work. The planned 30 day project was complete in less than 5. We saw the bucket pick up multi-ton granite blocks as if they were, um, multi-ton granite blocks. Awesome.

Big Crane in NYC

After work, Ed and his dad went west to Bethlehem, PA to see the steel mills. The town had a Merovian community restoration with some interesting plaques and buildings.

Miller's garden

August 3, 2007: First day on the road and already an adventure. Ed saw these containers of red peppers that has spilled all over the road. The entire width of I-5 was blocked after the containers had fallen off a truck.

Pepper Spill

August 2, 2007: We had one last lunch at Sole Luna in San Diego, our favorite café. Then Michelle got on a plane back east!

Last dinner at Sole Luna

July 25, 2007: Today they put our car on a shuttle to meet the big carrier that will take it to CT.

Loading the car in San Diego