September 30, 2007: Just when you thought we couldn't squeeze anything else into a weekend, we returned to Tolland for the Jail Museum's final military weekend. Here is a picture of Ed's mom and two of her siblings on the steps of the jail. Better in front of the jail than in the jail, I always say.

Steps of the Jail

September 29, 2007: Saturday we traveled with Sean & Kristen to Long Island and the annual wine crush. The day was clear and warm, and we had a great view of the New London skyline. The cruise ship was in.

New London Skyline

Of course we stopped at our favorite winery, Osprey's Dominion. Picking and crushing all the grapes only took three hours, then we partook of last year's wine and some tasty grub.

Grape Crushers

September 28, 2007: Gerry and Alma were married in the evening, and the reception was held at the Salem Cross Inn in Massachusetts.

Wedding Cake

Ed's parents enjoy their dinner at the reception.

Wedding Dinner

Ed and his dad - it's SO NICE to be close to 'home'.

Ed and Dad Beale

September 23, 2007: Ed had been asked to participate in the Jail Museum's military weekend series, but the turnout was very light. Here's Ed posing with his Grandfather's WWII Army uniform.

Grandpa's Uniform

We then visited with Grandma, and also got to play with the kittens.


September 10, 2007: Ed was in Cleveland, OH with the cadets to direct the National Anthem for the season opener between the Browns and the Steelers. What an amazing experience.

In Browns Stadium

September 1, 2007: We went to Floyd & Linda's Labor Day party - first time ever! Here's Michelle with Floyd's work truck. One of them, anyway.

Michelle with Model T Ford