Ed Beale
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Ed Beale Originally from Tolland, CT, I graduated from the CG Academy in 1992. I was transfered to the ship CGC MUNRO in Alameda, CA, then to Navy flight school in Pensacola, FL. They sent me to Brooklyn, NY to fly HH-65 helicopters. I met Michelle, then was transfered to Atlantic City, NJ. We were married in '99 and had an amazing honeymoon.

In 2000 they sent us to Mobile, AL where I supported 1 Antarctic and 3 Arctic deployments - scientists are cool. Since 2002 I was a traveling "corporate trainer" with the Ship-Helo Training Branch, teaching CG personnel how to land helicopters on their ships. The EDTEC program is a year away from the operational Coast Guard. After flying rescues in MS and New Orleans, LA after last year's Katrina disaster, I was ready for a break!

I have a lot of interests. Here's a short list: rock climbing, juggling, a cappella, classic trumpet, travel, aviation, airships, helicopters, Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand, Robert Pirsig, Medieval History, videography, graphics.

And whatever you're interested in! I like new, cutting edge stuff.