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People have asked me to send them my application documents. Here are a few.

Here is my Request for Grad School (with draft endorsement), 28kb .doc

Check the Status of the Advanced Education panels, also several links to info on the application process.

If my request helps you get selected (regardless of the school you eventually decide to attend), I'd love to hear from you - we'll probably be working together!

Read the Student Package carefully, there are some passing comments that are important, such as sending in the Registrar's address so HQ can set up billing before you arrive to register. Here is the registrar's address:

Office of the Registrar
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego, CA 92182-7453

Another thing to do before you arrive in San Diego is print a copy of SDSU's residency exemption form (80kb .pdf). Bring the form along the day you check in with the Sector (CG Info Page). Have them complete the form, stamp it, and sign it. You can then bring it with you when you register (Registration page).

If you're already a CA resident, you don't need this form, but the college will probably need some other proof of residency (at least 1 previous year, with intent to stay).

Updated: 5/25/06
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