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Getting registered can be a bit confusing.

Summer Term

Before getting to the school:

  • Make sure HQ has notified the registrar you're coming (see CG info page),
  • Bring your completed Residency Exemption form,
  • Bring $3-$5 in singles for the parking garage - buy passes in the garage,

First things first - Visit the EDTEC department. They're on the second floor of the North Education building (sometimes shown as "NE" on signs and maps). Call ahead to make sure they know you're coming. Your POC is Elsa Tapia (email:, phone: 619-594-6718, fax: 619-594-6376).

EDTEC should give you "schedule numbers" for the classes you'll be taking. You need the schedule numbers to register online.

Next, get a student ID. You'll need your driver's license, your letter of acceptance (I printed out the email I received), your RED ID, and $5. The ID office is one level below the food court in the main courtyard area of the campus. There are info booths and signs to help you find the ID office.

Next, use your new shiny ID to get a parking sticker. You can get one from the cashier's cage which is on the second level behind the big clock tower. Summer term is $90, regular semesters is $165. They don't take credit cards for tuition, but they do for everything else.

While you're at the cashier's area, you should speak with the 3rd-party billing representative (who is also the Military Program Rep). In 2006 it was Melissa Zimmerman (email:, phone: 619-594-4469)

Now you should check in with Graduate Admissions (619-594-0884). Bring the completed CA Residency Exemption Form, your student ID, and your acceptance letter. They'll authorize you to register for classes online. Be sure they authorize you for Summer and Fall terms. They'll tell you it takes at least overnight for the system to update and allow you access to registration. I had to go back three times before they straightened out their computer.

Fill out the Student Accounting Form (SAF) as directed by HQ billing (see CG Info page). Email the completed form to

Fall term

SDSU requires payment guarantees for the Fall semester by mid-July. You'll have to fill out a SAF for HQ to process with "dummy" courses on the form. HQ should work directly with the cashier just like they did for the summer term. Once you're listed as OK in the webportal, you can register for classes.

Get course "schedule numbers" from the EDTEC department. Then register for the classes at the web portal. If you validated any classes, you will need to fill out an adjustment form and submit it with your course of study before the start of the Fall term.

The ED 795A seminar offered by the EDTEC department is a requirement. The schedule had it conflict with 561 in 2006, but the department would not allow me to take a different 795A session, so 561 was not to be.

This time around I got most of my books cheaper from Amazon. I did get one book at SDSU - be sure to bring your student ID (might be able to get by with knowing your RED-ID, but they swiped the card. Not sure.) During the first week you can also get your semester parking sticker at the bookstore - pay with the books and pick it up at another table. John went up there the Sunday before the first day of class and found short lines, easy parking, etc. The first week is a traffic zoo with 35,000 students and 14,000 parking spots. Go early and expect to wait.

Updated: 5/31/06
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