Metric to Provincial Units
OK I know they are not called provincial units, but that's what the rest af the world thinks when they hear "10 miles" and "it's 70 degrees out" and such. Why, the rest of the world adopted a universal system based on the properties of water over 100 years ago. We teach it to our high school students. So why can't people in the United States understand that 40kph is really slow, or that 20 degrees means a really nice day? When your local weather announcer gives the forecast in provincial units, she's making fun of you! You go out for a two liter of Coke, right? So why do they still package gallons of milk?

Fight the power and drop the old slow ways of last century. Go with the easy calculations offered by Metric. Just keep the measuring cups for the kitchen or your recipies might get real interesting.

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Page posted 02/23/2002