Cape Hallet

Operating inside Cape Hallet's protected waters.
In the first days of airborne resupply of Deep Freeze, Cape Hallet was a refueling spot. The aircraft did not have the range to make a non stop flight from New Zealand, and that meant Cape Hallet.

The only problem with this plan was that the cape was right in the middle of a penguin rookery. To the planners of the time that wasn't much of a problem at all, and they proceeded to plant the airport right smack in the middle. Then for years let oil, grease, and fuel drip into the soil.

When aircraft advanced in range and capacity, an intermediate stop was no longer needed, and the base was abandoned. Several years ago an environmental study determined the spot needed to be cleaned up and the penguins let back in. For many years various groups have been in to haul out barrels containing tons of contaminated material in an attempt to return the cape to its original pristine condition.

This year we were there to install fences to keep the penguins away from some still toxic areas. While the shore teams were working the fences, the aircrew spent time working on the helicopter.

The rocky coast of Antarctica, and growlers.

The Arctic Survey Boat (ASB) comes alongside for more people.

The ASB takes a cleanup team to shore.

Blade folding at the end of the earth.

Another beautiful day in paradise.

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Page posted 03/02/2002