Aloha Towers was visible, but we were at the cruise ship pier for security.
So the trip ended with a port call after all. We went to Hawaii because the ship was leaking oil. Since they could never determine how much oil there was or how to stop it, we couldn't go to the scheduled ports. So Australia, China, and Japan will all have to wait for another trip.

We were in port for six days, enough time to spend a little money and see thi sights. Some of the AVDET rented a cottage on the North Shore and disappeared. I spent the time walking around and wishing the trip was over! I did get to see the first Lord of the Rings movie on the big screen.

Hawaii was especially nice in late March. A great time to be visiting, as if there was ever a bad time! The last time I was it Hono it was July and so gosh darn hot, we never did anything until about 9pm. The nightlife shifts accordingly in the early spring.

All in all a good change from the life on "The Boat".

After 108 days without a port call, it was nice to see the Aloha State and get supplies.

A Hawaiin park in March. I think I ran a race here once.

Just another day in paradise.

Here I am with Diamondhead in the background.
We also took the opportunity of no waves to start on our hangar panel. These are a traditional calling card left by each AVDET to commemorate the trip and document some of the strange things that went down while we were beyond adult supervision.

Our panel shows The Flying Meat Logs, each represented by a Hormel Farms log and wings. The logs each have a personality. The 8-ball was a gift at the secret Santa party, and it took on a mythical power, but it was only right once per day. The panel was supposed to look like the box for the 8-ball, but the ship didn't have the right shade of pink. Imagine that?

I'll bet Magnum P.I. ever had to do this.

Our AVDET panel in the hangar.

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