USCG Icebreakers ~ Operation Deep Freeze 2002

Various, USCG

P1100686 P1180829 P1180830 P1180835 P1180836
P1100686.jpg P1180829.jpg P1180830.jpg P1180835.jpg P1180836.jpg
P1180852 P1180854 P1180857 P1180859 P1180860
P1180852.jpg P1180854.jpg P1180857.jpg P1180859.jpg P1180860.jpg

P1220917 P1220918 P1240937 P1260957 P1260960
P1220917.jpg P1220918.jpg P1240937.jpg P1260957.jpg P1260960.jpg

These are a few pictures of both Icebreakers in action. I put them here so I wouldn't clog up bandwidth and space on servers by emailing them. If my web site gets too many hits I will be charged a fee by my site provider, so please forward the link on judiciously. In other words, I don't want this site to make the evening news or the "cool site of the day" page, but if you know someone that should see the pics then please send them on!

I can provide 1600x1200 unaltered copies via email on request. Photo credit will be given with each picture. Please email with the file name(s) being requested, and understand we are working with a FULL flight schedule every day, so I will get to you when I can. I will get to you eventually. Official requests will be moved to the top of the list.

I will try to get pictures with specific composition (within reason) in the normal course of ops. So if you think you really need a shot of the icebreaker with Mt. Erebus in the background, make a request to the above address. If you want a picture of both icebreakers side by side cruising through a bunch of penguins with Erebus erupting in the background at sunset - sorry to disappoint you! No guarantee on any of these requests - if I see your picture as I'm cruising by, I'll snap it.

There are no Ansel Adams' with us on the trip, and we are all using consumer (read: amateur) equipment. There is also nothing we can do about the light - the sun is out 24/7 right now. But we will keep trying.

Thanks for your interest!