Sydney Australia

Australian Flag at the Chowder Bay fuel pier.
The morning of December 27th dawned dim and smokey. Yes, the smoke from the brush fires burning around the city was so bad, the ship was forced to sound the fog signal for restricted visibility. We were also delayed by the tugs not being ready, and the Harbormaster not granting us clearance into the harbor. Remind me never to try doing anything important in Australia the day after Boxing Day!

We had gotten to the harbor the night before, and had been waiting offshore riding the swell. It became apparent this was another part of the world - and that the next few days would deal us heavier seas, but for today there was work to be done.

The transit through Manly Head was smooth. The ship and a good portion of the crew had been here just last year, and this was planned as a "gas & go" - just eight hours to get everything done. There never seems to be enough time to work everything in during a port call, no matter where it is, how long or how short.

The whole crew turned out to offload trash and onload supplies. Of course the mail was waiting for us, but the helicopter parts we had expected were nowhere to be seen. So we busied ourselves with the work we could do, and took part in the catored "Barbie" sponsored by the ship. They served some nicely seasoned chicken, sausages, potatoe salad, cole slaw, and soft drinks. A Coke is a coke the whole world round!

The East Coast of Australia; Sydney Harbor and Botany Bay.

Manly Head at the entrance to Sydney Harbor.
Later in the afternoon our parts arrived, and we were just able to finish repairs to the helicopter as the ship left the pier. Which was a good thing, since the waves were really starting to get rough.

The harbor itself was very beautiful. There were many sailboats, ferries, and personal watercraft on the water throughout the day. We were never able to see the famous Opera House or bridge, so I still have something to look forward to when I return someday.

We plan on making a few more stops in other Australian ports in the coming months. Maybe then I can get a picture of a kangaroo! Until then, G'day. (Couldn't resist)

Tug WARRAWEE with high speed cat ferry.

A sailboat in Chowder Bay.

The locals set us up with an Aussie style "Barbie".

The Mechs
of AVDET 154

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on the way back out the harbor.

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