Christmas at Sea

Decorations in the crew's mess deck.

A tray of goodies and yule log prepared by the cooks.

The party in Avionics.
This year we celebrated the holidays underway and the highlight was the food. We decorated with the trimmings we had picked up in Seattle. When you are planning to be gone for six months at a time, you need to plan ahead! We even brought a tree to decorate in avionics.

On Christmas Eve the AVDET put on a party for all comers, and served everything they could scrounge from their care packages and the ship. There was plenty of eggnog, and a nice selection of cookies, candy, chips, crackers, and the ever popular meat log. Good fun was had by all.

More theme cookies by the cooks, with penguins and kangaroos.

Food and fun at the annual AVDET party.

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Page posted 01/01/2002