We are thrilled you have decided to join us and take this course to learn how to Home Brew Mead!

Please read the following DIRECTIONS so that you may more easily proceed through the course:

1. There will be a Navigation Bar available to you at the bottom of each screen.

2. Please carefully read each section of instruction.

3. After each section there will be questions to answer, called a Quick Review, to ensure you understand the procedure and necessary information before moving on. You must answer the Review questions correctly before moving on to the next Lesson. The "Brew On!" selection on the Navigation Bar will be inactive until the questions are answered.

4. If you are an experienced brewer and find it unnecessary to complete the Reviews, click on "Index" to move to the next Lesson.

5. If you have questions at any time, please contact Michelle via email by clicking "Contact" on the Navigation Bar.

6. If you have previously been to this site and exited before finishing, please click on "Index" to find the section and continue where you left off. You may also want to bookmark this page for easy access.

If you cannot lift over 20 pounds of weight with ease, you WILL need assistance with 5 gallons of liquid!!

Take a stroll back in History!