Salut! We raise our glasses to you and a hearty WELCOME to "Learning How to Home Brew Mead"! You must be here because you are interested in learning more about this ancient drink and how to make it.

We are thrilled that you are participating in the Historical Culinary Appreciation Program offered by Lynn Werner's Culinary School. This lesson will provide you with some historical background and then take you through all the necessary steps to brew five gallons of fine mead. The follow-on course will take you through racking and bottling. If you are not participating through the Culinary School, we hope you enjoy the program. Again, welcome!

So, what is mead? Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by combining honey, water and yeast and allowing it to ferment. Many call it "honey wine". It is a wonderful drink and may even be flavored with fruits and/or spices. The flavor also depends on the type of honey used as a base. It is exciting to experiment with different ingredients, but here you will learn to make the most basic of meads. We need to start somewhere, right?

This course is written at a beginner's level so that anyone may learn this art. You will complete this course in 10 Lessons. You will learn all the necessary equipment and the procedures needed to brew mead. Also, you will set up 5 gallons of mead (think two cases of champagne bottles) to brew.

Whatever your motivation is, this is the place to start brewing mead!

No brewing experience necessary!

We hope you will help us to preserve this ancient art of brewing mead.