"A touchstone to determine the actual worth of an 'intellectual' - find out how he feels about astrology."
~ Lazarus Long


One man's magic is another man's engineering. "Supernatural" is a null word.


Course FAQ


Development Plan

ePortfolio development plan


Phase III: Personal Assessment Matrix


Perfect: No Revision is Needed

Progressing: Some Revisions are Necessary

Inadequate: Major Revisions are Necessary
Personal Introduction Page Check    
Standards Matrix Check    
Artifacts and Reflections Check    
Comprehensive Reflection Page Check    
Usability Check    
Overall Quality Check    

To-do list:

  • Update Biography
    • Writeup
    • Photograph(s)
  • Update Resumé
    • Update accomplishments
    • Update career intentions
    • Create a printable version
    • Add graphics?
  • Artifacts
    • Locate the most polished deliverables from
      • 540: NVG focus Jobaid?
      • 541: Idlers Museum site
      • 544: Design Document or System Specs
      • 684: Project timeline, Project writeup, or final presentation
      • 685: Time Management tool, Case study, final exam?
      • 572: 5 minute lesson? iMovie lesson?
      • 671: Individual Instruction
      • 795a: Booz Allen final deliverable, Case study?
    • Compare artifacts to Standards Matrix
    • Assign an artifact to a standard
    • Write reflection to address:
      • My contribution to the artifact
      • How this artifact represents the standard
      • How this artifact represents my EDTEC skills & knowledge
    • Prepare each artifact page
      • Downloadable artifact
      • Screenshots (as necessary)
      • Thumbnail & short description
      • Formatted reflection
    • Overall Quality Assurance
      • Alignment
      • Proximity
      • Font consistency
      • Color scheme consistency
  • Comprehensive Reflection