"The only goal
that matters is
the horizon."


These quotes have inspired me, entertained me, or just plain stopped me in my tracks. I hope you find a little lesson in every one.



School Resources

Even before I arrived at school I knew I needed a system with which to organize all my coursework. What better way than to put it all online?

I kept up with a great deal more than I'd expected going in. Yes there are gaps, but it could have been much, much worse.

Ed's Tec: ePortfolio 2006-2007



E. K. Beale off Hawaii



The portfolio is a chance to organize and display my best work for prospective employers or clients, and for advancement of my current situation. It is an opportunity to show EDTEC faculty how I've exploited my time in the masters program and how I have integrated my experiences into my present or future work.

EDTEC faculty will see my portfolio as a window into how I've met the core standards of the program and brought them together into a comprehensible whole with a focus on my own interests and aspirations. Prospective employers or clients will appreciate a direct glimpse into the quality and variety of my thought and work.

What's Under the Hood?

Please start wherever you'd like, using the links at the top of every page. I recommend reading About Me, then reviewing a couple of the Standards. The Comprehensive reflection is broken into three parts addressing Ideas, Love, and Change. Finally, my Resumé and Contact information help you understand a bit more of my experience and allow you to get in touch with me. If anything inspires or intrigues you, I hope you will.