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Dutch Harbor ~ 10 - 12 May 2004

I've been to Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island on the Aleutian Chain several times. It's one of the busiest fishing ports in the US. The scenery is always amazing and the town always seems to get more character each time I come back.

Aleutian Islands
Heading to an Aleutian Island
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
Guarding the coast
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

May 10-12: HEALY pulled in to Dutch Harbor on Monday afternoon. We'd flown the helos off in the morning to do a full service on the strut for 6539, and a strut replacement & service for 6532. The guys worked overtime, through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the test flight on Tuesday was a complete success. We went flying to the west along the chain and saw seals, eagles, cows, and caribou. Below are some pictures from the flight and the port call.

Ferral Cow
Cool Looking Rocks
The Island we visited had ferral cows. Natural selection has made them very furry creatures!
(Photo from video by LCDR Beale)
Cool looking rocks. Too bad we couldn't land and hang out!
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

Steaming Volcano
Volcano Top
This is an active volcano, steaming away. We flew up into the caldera.
(Photo from video by LCDR Beale)
Here's a shot into the top of the volcano.
(Photo by AETC Tolle)

Uber Crow
Bald Eagle
Dutch Harbor Crows are like McMurdo Skuas. They are very large and quite ornery. I dubbed this guy the Uber Crow, because it was bigger than a normal cat.
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
Here's the other Big Bird in Dutch Harbor, the Bald Eagle. They're everywhere.
(Photo by LT Hollinger)

At Dutch Harbor Airport
Airsta Dutch
Arriving at Dutch Harbor (DUT or PADU)
(Photo by LT Hollinger)
AIRSTA Kodiak had a 65 in town. So we had a mini AIRSTA.
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

Hood Ornament
Just a little souvenir.
(Photo by LT Hollinger)

Here's Dutch Harbor Weather.

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