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Ice Liberty

Once in a while we can leave the ship to the ice. "Lots of fun was had by all."

Ice Liberty
On the ice
Incoming Snowball! Notice the "brow" leading down from the ship. Very steep.
(Photo by LT Hollinger)
Soccer, Football, swimming, etc. A regular ol' day in the park. Note the orange flags marking a big crack. The guy in the upper right standing on the crack is me. Don't worry, the ice was at least 2 meters thick.
(Photo by AETC Tolle)

June 1: Ice Libo day, in honor of Memorial Day. Some time to get off the ship, play in the snow, grab a few cold beverages, smoke stogies, and enjoy the isolation.

Usual Suspects
Do you have a flag?
Dan's flag and some of the guys
(Photo by AETC Tolle)
Do you have a flag? We anchored the group shot.
(Photo by ENS Beaudoin)

Warm Dan
Cold Dan
Dan went for a swim
(Photo by LT Hollinger)
OK maybe more like a plunge
(Photo by LT Hollinger)

Sunny the Snowman
Ed the Snowman
Even snowmen need a day at the beach
(Photo by LT Hollinger)
Taking pointers from the locals. Hey you guys always tell me I need to get a tan, right?
(Photo by AETC Tolle)

Ice Axe at the ready
Polar Bear Watch
Ready for the ice
Photo by AETC Tolle)
Polar Bear Watch. Here I am on the edge of a remote ice floe, well above the Arctic Circle. The polar bear was about a KM away. He had just eaten and was asleep. Sorry Michelle, no rug this time!
(Photo by LT Hollinger)

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Updated on 6/11/04