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Ikpikpuk River Science Mission (& Barrow)

We're around near the top of Alaska, flying science and logistics missions.

Barrow FSS
Barrow Airport
The Barrow flight service station
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
Barrow airport from high overhead. The FSS is on the west ramp, and the terminal is on the east ramp.
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

June 7: Flew a second flight into Barrow to get the rest of the mail from yesterday. The FSS radio operator was from New York. Alaska is certainly a land of contrasts.

June 8: The science party is studying the water and bottom composition at the confluence of the Bering and the Arctic. Part of knowing the process of the stuff in the water is knowing about where the stuff started in the first place. So we took a research team to the river delta to look at river stuff.

River Delta
Ice over mud
The Ikpikpuk river delta
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
When the ice over the delta starts to break up, the water flows through the cracks and leaves an imprint on the soil below.
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

Slope landing
Dune helicopter
We used skis in case the mud was too soupy
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
Hiding out behind the dune
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

River research
Ice Sculpture
I don't think I've ever seen so much mud in one place
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
The melting snow made some interesting shapes
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

Arctic Service Medal
Don't know what this Ptarmigan (grouse-like bird) was trying to do, sitting around all by itself in Alaska.
(Photo by LCDR Beale)
After 21 days above the Arctic Circle, they give you a little souvenier
(Photo by LCDR Beale)

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Updated on 1/22/05