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Seattle ~ 27-30 April 2004

We had hoped to have some time in Seattle for last minute preps, but found the delay on the second day made everything really tight. It also didn't help that the entire ship was on liberty while we were trying to get things done, such as message traffic, hangar organization, and laundry.

April 27: Arrived in Seattle, dropped our stuff at the ship, and went to the Pyramid Brewery. Hey, it's a tradition. Some of the guys went out to Cowgirl's, Inc.

The HEALY at the pier
(Photo by AETC Tolle)
Of course we had to do a break over the ship
(Photo by AETC Tolle)

April 28: We had our work cut out for us. The Helo Support Kit has all our parts, tools, and equipment. This time the HSK had been removed so nothing came up missing while the HEALY was in the yard. Polar Supply had delivered the HSK to the flight deck. It was up to us to get it loaded back into the right places. It took all day, but we got it done. No strained backs or broken fingers! We all went out to the mall on a shopping run after dinner at Red Robin.

April 29: A day to recover. We went to a mall, REI, and the Crab Pot for dinner. Then we went to the Triangle Pub because the ship guys were all there for a last send-off. Cowgirls got one last visit, because some of the guys wanted to ride the mechanical bull. Better'n Karaoke.

April 30: Underway day. We drove down to the aircraft at Boeing Field. They were still there. We took off and flew over the ship in formation, then staged them both at CG Air Station Port Angeles. After a nice Mexican lunch, it was time to get airborne enroute the ship. The weather was absolutely perfect.

A top-on view. Notice the cones blocking the pier!
(Photo by AETC Tolle)
Support Center Seattle
(Photo by AMT3 Justice)

Getting aboard the ship
(Photo by AETC Tolle)
Tied down, ready to roll
(Photo by AMT3 Justice)

Cross Country Underway

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