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  Michelle was firmly entrenched in planning the Medieval Valentine's Day event, so Ed arrived to help out, and they spent their first date collecting money and tending to contests, music and the feast.

[Michelle & Ed at the Cloisters]
This is the first picture of the two of us together, taken at The Cloisters by German tourists

The following weekend, Ed invited Michelle to tour the Cloisters in upper Manhattan, and she invited him to a birthday party for one of her friends on the upper East Side. True to form, they went out and did both. The following weekend, Michelle took off with her Maid of Honor, Lori, for a blitzkrieg tour of London, England - and Ed stayed home and cleaned the house. That was the last weekend they spent apart.

In March, Ed had been planning to take a vacation to Mohonk Resort for the Chocolate Lover's weekend. Since Michelle loves chocolate almost as much as Ed, he invited her to join him. They swore off chocolate for a whole month, which was an acute form of torture. Soon enough they were treated to Ghirardelli, Harbor Sweets, and Hershey delights for a full 48 hours. After that weekend, they swore off chocolate for another month.

We have attended several events hosted by the SCA including some in the East Kingdom and the Crown Province of Ostgardr, where Michelle cooked and Edward cleaned. We spent a weekend driving around in Washington, DC and a week at PENNSIC medieval encampment in western Pennsylvania. We also drove to Maine twice, first to hear Ed's brother play drums with Attic Reggatta and to cruise aboard the Schooner Timberwind.


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