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Once upon a time, there was a cute little boy and his name was Edward. He grew up in Connecticut and spent many of his early years building sand castles and nailing small pieces of wood together to make trains, planes and automobiles. His favorite foods were pickles and maccaroni and cheese. He had a particular aversion to anyone who ate too much mustard, and often could be found checking the jar to make sure there was enough for the rest of us.

At the tender young age of ten he moved with his family to a new home and a new set of surroundings. An idyllic place, complete with rolling fields and thick and wondrous woods, where he began his experience as an avid outdoorsman. Despite facing (and surviving) a torential downpour and associated drenched sleeping bag on his first overnight camping trip, he bounced back to continue with Troop 816 and many associated adventures.

He learned to sail at Camp Yawgoog where he also worked two seasons on the Challenge staff. He trecked hundreds of miles through mosquito infested swamps, over sparce, treeless mountin peaks, ascended Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire and participated in several midnight hikes in all the New England States.

Edward is a 1992 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree (Civil Engineering), and a minor in vocal and instrumental music.

He served aboard USCGC MUNRO based in San Francisco, CA from 1992 to 1994 as the Intelligence Officer and Combat Information Center Officer, as well as earning Underway Officer of the Deck and Helicopter Control Officer qualifications. The MUNRO made a patrol to South America and Mexico, two trips to Hawaii and three patrols to Alaska, one of which included a stop in Petropavlovsk, Russia where Edward was the executive and protocol assistant during the Commanding Officer's planning conference with Russia's Maritime Border Guard.

Previously assigned at CGAS Brooklyn, NY, Edward has been operational every day since commissioning when he wasn't in some kind of military training. Most notable was his 'winging' as Coast Guard Aviator #3269 in March of 1996 after successfully completing Navy Flight School in Pensacola, FL.

At the time of the wedding Edward was serving as a jet rescue helicopter pilot in The United States Coast Guard. Aside from the fact that the HH-65A Dolphin Helicopter is the most technologically advanced rescue aircraft in the entire world, they actually let him fly it over 300 hours every year. Collaterally, he worked as the Intelligence Officer, Information Resources Manager and Webmaster for USCG Group-Air Station Atlantic City, NJ. (Ed's brother Andy adds: ....and, as evidenced by the above photo, is a real big freak. I love you too, Andy! :)


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