Ed's Arctic Trip

Thanks for checking out my pictures, most of which I did not take. Being the detachment archivist has its advantages - you get all the pictures, but don't have to take off your gloves as much and get your fingers frosty. Each one has it's own caption, so click on the first picture, then use the arrows to page ahead and read along. If you have comments or questions you can send me email at this address: edbeale@rezonate.com. You can also check out the POPDIV web site which I really try to keep current. Enjoy!

01xc2 02xc1 03xc3 04xc4 05xc5
06xc6 07xc7 08xc8 09porta 10stateroom
11ed1 12heloops1 13heloops2 14heloops3 15tiedowns1
16tiedowns2 17helo1 18ed2 19ducks1 20ducks2
21ducks4 22walrus1 23walrus2 24walrus3 25beluga
26whale 27ship1 28ship2 29ship3 30ship5
32helo2 33chief 33science1 34science2 35science3
36diving1 37diving2 38people1 39people2 40people3
41people4 42ship4 43snickers 44C130 45islands1
46islands2 47islands3 48canyon 49dallas 50sunset